10 Natural Ways to Grow Your Lost Hair

Hair Loss Regrow

Millions of people around the world are suffering from this genetic issue called ” Hair Loss ”, but will all forget that balding is a genetic trait, which can only be cure with but good nutrition can play a part in hair growth.

Hair Loss Re-Grow treatment products, such as masks, shampoos and leave on conditioners can also prevent hair loss and restore healthy, vibrant hair, while also by adding nutrients will help regrow hair.

Did you want to know the secret behind the hair grow of celebrities stars, public figures and politicians around the world, join me by digesting this interesting post.

In this post am going to share with you 10 Natural Ways to Grow Your Loss Hair.

1. Protein Grows Hair

Our hair is made up of protein, that is why protein is very essential treatment to cure re-grow your hair.

A protein deficiency can easily cause hair loss. This implies that you should start adding protein to the diet by including animal products, such as meat and dairy, or protein shakes made from way.

2. Vitamin C is Needed for Healthy Hair
Vitamin C is also another additional for a healthy hair. You can start using Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are all needed for  high in vitamin C, as are green peppers. Suggested dosage is 1,000 to 3,000 mg a day.

3. B Vitamins Increase Hair Growth
Biotin and the complex B vitamins are an essential requirement for you to grow your hair. B3 helps increase circulation to the scalp, thereby encouraging hair growth.

It is best to take a supplement that includes all of the B vitamins, called a B complex supplement, as the nutrients work synergistically.

4. Iron Reduces Hair Loss
The mineral iron is another essential tools that will help you to increase circulation in the scalp as well, which then fuels hair growth for better looking you desire.Foods that are high in iron include liver, apricots and raisins.

5. Drink Water to Grow Hair
The hair shaft is composed of one-quarter water. You can drinking  at least 4 to 8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated and grow healthy hair.
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6. Reduce Alcoholic Beverages to Reduce Hair Loss
Drinking alcohol can also help you to reduces hair growth. Reduce or eliminate alcohol from the diet and you will see an increase in hair growth.

7. Hormones Influence Hair Growth
Hormones influence the production of hair. Hormones decrease with age and slow hair growth. Increasing hormones can increase hair growth.

Adding bio-identical hormones for women is a possibility, but accurate blood tests are needed to identify and balance the various hormonal components in the body. Natural foods contain some hormones as well, for instance, wild yam is a natural source of estrogen.

8. Vitamin E Grows Hair
Vitamin E is another nutrient needed to grow hair. It stimulates the circulation in the scalp and can be taken internally or applied to the scalp.

9. Smoking Causes Hair Loss
Smoking cigarettes reduces the blood flow to the scalp and this causes a reduction in hair growth. Stop smoking to help hair grow.

10. Vitamin A Feeds Healthy Hair
Don’t ever underestimated the power of Vitamin A, it will help create vibrant shiny hair because it works with the fat synthesis in the hair follicles and spurs hair growth. Foods that contain vitamin A include eggs, kale, squash, and carrots.

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