4 Simple Natural Ways To Regrow Hair In 10 Days

Hair Loss Regrow

Are you among millions of people around the world that are worried about the hair loss and also tired of searching for any treatment both online and offline? I know what you are going through now, because am talking from experience, sometimes hair loss can be a blow to your confidence.

Losing your hair can be a nightmare for anybody that are affected . Whether it’s from any medical reasons or genetics trait it can be devastating when you are seeing skin where you should have been seeing hair.

Guys don’t don’t worry anymore. There are several natural and medical treatments on Hair Loss Regrow, but am sharing with you based on my personal opinion about what really work for me in the past.

In this interesting post, am going to share with you another 4 Simple Natural Ways To Regrow Hair In 10 Days .

Here are some remedies that will help you to regrow your hair starting in about 10 days:

I often see many people asking their friends, family or doctors about any product or treatment they need to used to grow their hair, but to their disappointment most of this treatment or product did not work.

So what’s the solution for this issue you are all worrying about? The first thing to figure out is the root cause of this issue called hair loss.

However, their various  causes for  hair loss including hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, stress, insomnia, thyroid issues, smoking, genetics, and menopause. The hair products you use and the way you care for your hair can also cause hair loss.

There is no solution for menopause or genetics but you can slow hair loss. For other causes try this:

• Meditate

If you want your hair back you can take 10 minutes from your busy schedule to meditate. This will lower your stress and improve your overall health. Put your phone on airplane mode or silent and set it aside, sit straight with crossed legs and close your eyes, focusing on your breath. Feel it go in and out. Let thoughts come and go. Relax through them and keep breathing.
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• Food you should eat

If you are getting enough sleep and are not stressed try exploring your eating habits. Make sure you are getting enough iron, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s. Your daily diet should contain the following:
10 servings of vegetables
• 2-4 servings of fruits
• 4-5 total servings of beans and dairy or 2-3 servings of lean meat
• Eggs, fish, nuts, walnuts, avocado, and seeds
• Don’t eat the same thing every day. Plan some variety into your menu to keep you satisfied and get different nutrients.

• Massage

Head massage is necessary to promote hair growth. Use your fingertips and massage your scalp slowly to stimulate circulation and help drain toxins. Finish the massage by running your fingers through your hair. You can do this with or without oil, but it’s suggested to use coconut, castor, olive, almond, or sesame. Massage for 10 minutes each day to see improvement.

• Homemade recipe

Try the following recipe made with three key ingredients; licorice, burdock root, and dandelion root to regain hair growth:

• 4 ounces water
• Licorice root
• Burdock root
• Dandelion root


• Rub the licorice in a glass then fill it halfway with water.
• Rub the dandelion and burdock root with a stone or in a food processor into a fine paste.
• Blend the paste with licorice water and apply to your scalp.
• Leave it on your head for 24 hours then wash it off, it will stick to your scalp like white cement.

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